The effectiveness of advertising on Facebook has been in between said in recent days, the red has had to come out a detail the advantages of the platform to calm the angels of its customers. Below we present three cases of marks that through a good strategy managed to take advantage of the red of Mark Zuckerberg.


The shoe firm for the party and developed a campaign in the social red with the aim of improving the positioning and recognition of the brand, penetrate new markets, reinforce its presence and obviously increase its sales.

The bell:

The firm includes custom applications to facilitate the participation of its followers in its catalogue and online store.
He built Facebook ads to connect with new users by taking advantage of age, location, and interest targeting options.
Publish at least once a day in your biography to promote your products.
Hold sweepstakes and promote events and discounts to increase traffic in your physical and online stores.
Study the statistics that Facebook offers to know the growth and advance in the red.

The results:

Menbur doubled the number of fans. From 70 thousand in October 2011 to more than 170 thousand currently.
Increased traffic on your website by 20% and online sales by 35%.
40% of their sales come from Facebook.
In Mexico the concierge campaign 43 million new followers.

State Bicycle

The specialised bicycle manufacturer turned to the social network to increase its interaction with customers, announce launches, events and invite the public to buy directly on their website.

The bell:

State Bicycle did not even have a Facebook profile so he should have started by creating one and personalising with his photographs and relevant data like when the firm won the Wolfpack Marathon Crash Race.
He posted Facebook ads using the segmentation of users with those who liked the competition bicycles and who lived in the nearby cities.
Organisations photo contests on your page.
He created an event entitled “Friday of Facebook” that raffled a discount coupon among those who saw State Bicycle publications on Fridays.
They used the stories sponsored to increase the diffusion of their publications with offers.


Profits increased by $ 500,000 from coupon codes distributed through Facebook.
Traffic on your page increases by 12%.
In a year passed from 4 thousand 600 fans to 46 thousand. They currently have more than 176 million users who like the Facebook page.

Luxury link

The luxury hotel website designed a Facebook campaign aimed at increasing brand visibility, reaching more potential customers and increasing revenue through attractive offers.

The bell:

She chose her logo as a profile photo and as a cover photo a couple in a pool in an exotic place.
He added photographs of the tourist destinations that are offered to attract the attention of the users.
He created an advertisement for an event that consisted of a talk with a travel expert where users could talk and ask questions.
Use promotions within your texts like: Save 65% on your luxury vacation! Book your dream getaway today!
Update your status constantly, perform live chats with your followers, organise photo contests and use sponsored stories.


Luxury Link increased 100% of its sales in packages originated in Facebook.
Got 30% more visits on your website.